About Us

The owners of Terra Linda Farms are John, Joe, and Jerry Coehlo.  Jerry is the managing partner of the swine operation.

Some History

Jerry Coelho began raising pigs in 1970 after his father allowed him to purchase two breeding gilts. A small facility was constructed and they were in the hog business! Later, his brother Joe loaned him $1,500, which he used to purchase more animals and expand the company.

They began by selling show pigs for fairs. After observing a large asian and Hispanic market close to the hog ranch, they built a state-inspected slaughter plant that became operational in 1987. They realized that fresh local pork could be offered at prices affordable to the consumer.

Today, Terra Linda Farms sells to people from all over California who enjoy their meat, and also enjoy driving to the ranch.

Terra Linda Farms provides a unique service in that their operation has been grandfathered with the old set of laws that allowed the butchering of pigs on-site. This is not allowed under current law which is applied to newer facilities.

More About What We Offer

Terra Linda Farms is located in Riverdale, California.  The customer can drive to our location and select a live pig. The pig is then run through a chute, weighed, and slaughtered.  The customer can butcher it on site into the size pieces they want to transport home. Pricing is based upon the weight of the pig.

Our Pigs Are Raised and Fed Locally

Feeding Young PigsThe service is unique in that pigs are raised in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.  The pigs are born on-site and raised to their full-grown size.  They are fed corn grown on nearby farmland owned by Terra Linda Farms. The animals are sold and butchered on-site; they are not sold to pork processing plants.  This is a form of sustainable farming.  The animals are not trucked across the county to be processed, nor is feed trucked in from miles away. By raising the animals, the feed, and selling the animals locally, less resources are used.

Second Generation Terra Linda Farms Kids

Second Generation Terra Linda Farms Kids