Our Pigs

We raise several breeds of pigs including Yorkshire, Landrace, Duroc, and Berkshire. However, most of our pigs are crossbreds. White is the dominant color but we also have mixes of red and black to pick from. If you need a specific breed of pig please call us to check availability. Breeding stock is selected for structural soundness and meat quality. We have a variety of genetics in our herd so there will be differences in the pigs in terms of length of body and fat muscle ratio. Any pig you choose will be flavorful and serve you well.

We are committed to providing them with a clean and comfortable environment as well as a high-quality feed ration that we make on-site.

They live in large hoop structures that are deeply bedded with straw. This is a natural environment because the pig is free to root around in the bedding.

A wholesome diet without fillers is key for delicious and tender pork. We never feed waste products or food from processing facilities. This practice is called “trash feeding.” We mill corn and other grains that we grow ourselves. Our investment in a superior diet is one reason our customers return for our delicious pork.

All animals are born and raised in one location in Riverdale California. When you buy local and directly from a farm you are supporting a sustainable form of agriculture. Multiple phases of the commercial supply chain are eliminated and you receive an extremely fresh product.

Show pigs and project pigs

Looking for something to raise at home?

We can help you pick a nice pig to raise at home. We always have all sizes available.

Call Greg for information regarding show pigs and breeding stock. (559) 286-5909