Welcome to Terra Linda Farms Hog Ranch

“Your local source for farm-fresh pork”

Visit our family farm in Riverdale California and choose a pig from our sale barn. We have hundreds of animals of all sizes. We specialize in selling whole hogs which we can then cut into four or six parts. Visit us at your convenience and leave happy with a wholesome product suitable for many different uses.

As California’s premier pig farm with a live selection of whole animals, we have proudly served you for over 30 years. We specialize in local, farm-fresh hogs that are available year-round at your convenience. Take a short drive to Riverdale in southern Fresno County and Pick a Pig!

We have many returning customers because we provide the freshest pork possible. You cannot get the same taste with store-bought meat. Our farm consistently raises quality pigs by working hard to care for the animals and feeding them an excellent diet. Visit our ranch, select a pig and be on your way in less than an hour. We harvest and process the animal for you leaving it whole, halved, or quartered. Or you are welcome to bring your knives and do the work yourself.

We offer a minimally processed product with endless possibilities. Roaster pigs are very popular and range from 70 to 110 pounds. These are usually roasted whole on a smoker or rotisserie and create an unforgettable centerpiece at any event. Whole pigs for BBQ usually stay below 160 pounds. Larger hogs can be divided into primal cuts and then barbecued or butchered at home to make a variety of dishes. If you have the freezer space you can take your hog to a local butcher shop where they can cut and wrap it and make pork products like sausage, ham and bacon.

We would love to show you our animals and help answer any questions you might have!